GG Logistics

GG Logistics Solutions brings great value and clarity to our customers especially at a time when rates and routes are hard to predict. GG Logistics has four main centers of excellence and each team seeks to understand our client’s business and eliminate, as far as possible, the vast amount of wasted time our clients experience when working to personally execute all of the tasks required to arrange an end-to-end service for their import or export products. GG Logistics saves our clients valuable time and resources by leveraging our formidable skills and over 100 years of logistical network experience to:

  • Mitigate against container rate fluctuations
  • Provide you with options when faced with container shortages
  • Handle the complicated online bookings
  • Resolve any transport issues
  • Ensure Timely Awareness (E.T.A) as to the status/progress of your products
  • Smooth any hassle on arrival through to the delivery of your goods

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