Why Us?

Gordon, Grant & Co. Ltd. has been in existence for over 150 years. That makes us one of the oldest Corporations in Trinidad and Tobago. Our reputation as a long standing and reputable organization, with a strong supportive client base, lends credence to why we are the chosen one when it comes to handling your needs. When it comes to ease of doing business at competitive rates, Gordon, Grant & Co. Ltd. should be considered as the first choice.

Our business model is entirely driven by a commitment to easing the uncertainties of shipping goods in a post Covid world; uncertainties such as container price volatility, container shortages, unforeseen delays.

We can:-

Mitigate against container costs

We offer hedging mechanisms through a choice of rates with various lines, the ability to lock in rates upfront for 30 days at a time and provide advice on booking ahead.

Resolve any transport issues

Our Transport services team ensures that your cargo is picked up and is delivered on time to your freight forwarder for the ship’s departure.

Container shortage options

We offer a multi option factor – options and/or premium if the timeline is urgent

Handle the complicated online bookings

We take away the hassle and perform your online bookings quickly to lock in better rates.

Ensure Time Awareness (ETA)

By providing you with timely information via a combination of web site tracking services from your shipping line of choice and efficiently managed through your assigned GG personal assistance utilizing our internal dashboard management system, our proactive staff are ready to alert you to any delays so you can anticipate and be prepared ahead of time.

No hassle on arrival through to delivery

Let us handle the hassle of complicated paperwork and customs appointment bookings and clearance through our brokerage services. Once your goods are cleared, we offer timely transport to your identified warehouse or business location.

100 Years of Networking Power. Our strong knowledge and networking capability can assist in untangling the myriad of issues which can crop up from time to time.

GG Energy

Working with our SCORRE approach (Supply Chain Opportunities for Routing & Rates Excellence) GG Logistics Solutions offers full service shipping from pick up to delivery on site. Benefit from our hassle free on the ground end to end service. Our experienced staff will arrange all transport, brokerage, shipping and insurance needs supported by our 24×7 staff and tracking service from location to location. Efficient and experienced…..Our Passion, is Your Profit.

GG Perishables

We understand the critical timing and care that perishable require. We utilize our networking knowledge combined with experienced freight forwarders, choice of shipping routes, hassle free brokerage, transport , up to the minute tracking and cost effective insurance services working hand in hand to deliver your product in a timely manner. Our Passion, is Your Profit.

GG General

We offer you a choice of many routes and rates. From one unique pallet through to full containers of goods in an efficient hassle free manner. Utilize our networking knowledge to gain general or premium bookings on a variety of shipping routes, combined with our hassle free brokerage, transport, up to the minute tracking and cost effective insurance services working hand in hand to your business’ benefit. Our Passion, is Your Profit.

GG High & Heavy

Specifically designed to move all large and cumbersome items the GG Logistics Solutions High & Heavy service offs full management of your items from pick up to delivery on site. Your company can benefit from our hassle free end to end service. Our experienced staff will arrange all transport, brokerage, shipping and insurance from door to door. Supported by our 24×7 tracking service. Efficient and experienced. Our Passion, is Your Profit.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?